Why are American families breaking down? Scholars, writers debate Tucker Carlson monologue

"A monologue from Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson has provoked vigorous debate among Christian thought leaders and writers, particularly about populism and the breakdown of the family in America." - CPost

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It strikes me, having done a fair amount of ministry to people who were fairly poor, that you've got to work both sides of the equation.  Is it part of the problem that people aren't getting married before having babies, that people aren't trying to find work, and that people are resorting to crime?  Sure.  At the same time, is it part of the problem that government has been creating incentives to have children out of wedlock, has been throwing markets for low skilled and unskilled labor out of whack by huge illegal immigration, and has been forcing U.S. workers to effectively subsidize their competition by levying huge income taxes while abandoning tariffs as a revenue source--more or less meaning that we are paying to keep sea lanes open so imports can arrive?  Absolutely.

It's not either/or.  It's both/and.

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