Ancient DNA said to support Bible's Babel account

“A study published Jan. 3 in the journal Nature claims DNA extracted from the remains of an infant girl buried in central Alaska suggests an ancient migration of people from East Asia, across a frozen land bridge, to North America.” BPNews


OK, this discovery doesn’t contradict the Babel account, which is great, but hasn’t it been the “scientific consensus” for decades that homo sapiens migrated from somewhere in Africa? So this find would be consistent with that theory as well. (Not that I’m in doubt about where human life began. I don’t need a DNA trail.)

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What they found was similarities between the remains of an infant found buried in Alaska and modern native Americans. So they don’t get anywhere near saying Babel, but rather more like somewhere between Anchorage, Cape Town, Lisbon, and Galway. It’s cool that they’re demonstrating this similarity, but it doesn’t contradict anything that the evolutionists have been saying about the origins of native Americans for the past century, let alone prove a diaspora from near Babylon.

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