Pope says, if you try to convert an unbeliever, you are “not a disciple of Jesus”

"In their recent ecumenical zeal, Catholics have finally accepted Protestants as Christians, though as 'separated brethren.'  But does the Pope believe that evangelicals and Pentecostals who try to win others to their faith 'are not disciples of Jesus'?" - Gene Veith

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Hard ot beleive how much catholics will put up with from their pope.  

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I'd be nice and say it's an issue with translation from the Italian/Spanish/Latin, but then you've got things like a church that used to own and operate torture centers, gallows, and such stating that capital punishment is never acceptable--and then telling us that Rome never changes.  What a freedom it is to have Sola Scriptura on our side so we can simply say at times "we got this wrong, we are sorry, we are repenting."

Now perhaps "our tribes" don't do this enough, but it's comforting to know that we at least theoretically can!

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