Aliens, AI, and God: The Search for Superintelligence

“…what superintelligence means, why there is so much buzz around it, whether the buzz is justified, and how superintelligence may open doors to share about a God whose ways are higher than our own” - Reasons


One of the attributes of man that reflects the "image of God" is the fact that man has been endowed to be a creative being. Both individually and collectively. We have an incessant drive to create. In fact, some could argue that it consumes us as individuals. With the fall of Adam, that creative nature has been distorted to contend with God. We want our creations to exceed God, whether we believe in a god, or the God, it still contends with Him. God confounded man once when his creative nature exceeded the boundaries that God set forth, and thus Babel became a place of disbursement, because of the collective creative force. Man has recovered from this disbursement in not only coming into contact collectively with the disbursed population, but it has now created something to exceed the limitations put on the age of man by God. Man is not only able to communicate and come as one with disbursed humanity, but through the internet, it has accumulated knowledge at an exceedingly rapid pace. Only at the pace reserved for a collected society that lived for hundreds of years. Now the information of all of humanity for all of discovered time is at the fingertips of any individual on the plant. So why the buzz of AI? It is the continuing culmination of man's ability to create, and man's desire to collect information that is driving the excitement. Man is inching closer and closer at a more rapid pace to now create an "artificial being" with a desire to create a sentient being in the image of man. Of course, the image of man is a distorted image, and one that is in turn an image that contends with God. So it will be interesting to see what happens next.