Did Jesus’ Family Think He Was Crazy?

“Did Jesus’ family think He was crazy? Probably. But not quite in the way we might make this accusation today. They thought He was placing Himself outside the bounds of normal society.” - C.Leaders


This was almost too brief to be helpful. I think His family did think He had gone off the deep end. I think Mary thought that too, but that does not mean she doubted He was the Messiah. His brothers, on the other hand…

"The Midrash Detective"

The article seems to make a case for why they thought Jesus was crazy as though that reduced the likelihood that they thought He was. But the what and the why are two different questions.

Based on the evidence in the article, (1) What: Yes, they definitely thought He was out of His mind, but (2) Why: they may have mainly thought so because He making all the wrong moves socially.

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