The Best Economy: Free and Fair, But Not Fixed

“From a Christian viewpoint, however, there are real concerns about economic fairness and justice. Yet, even after decades of pondering these issues, I still have lingering questions.” - Providence


The challenge I think with America is that we value freedom over all else and the reduced role of government. We don't look at it from a balanced perspective. This is where the Nordic countries and even Singapore (from a different perspective) do it better. There is a balance between a capitalistic and free and open economy with one in which the government as a whole looks to provide for the common good. A lot of this is driven by culture. The culture of these areas are more driven by the common good of everyone and not the individualistic need. These cultures are willing to give up some freedom and money in order for society as a whole to be better off. America's might won't diminish rapidly, but the luster is gone, and it continues to get worse. Everyone looks out for themselves and we are rapidly getting to the point that we can't work together. We don't look for the good of the common man, but we look to impose our will on others and to protect our interests. Nordic countries and Singapore are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. It is just as easy to through lobs at them on certain things.