David Sills refiles suit in Tennessee against Jennifer Lyell, Lifeway, the SBC, others

“As I’ve said before, the SBC Executive Committee will vigorously defend ourselves from this troubling attempt to recast an accused perpetrator as the victim of an imaginary conspiracy. We look forward to our day in court.” - BPNews


Lawsuit's already been thrown out of court once, and so what we've got here appears to be David Sills wanting to remind the world that he used his position as a professor to seduce a student who depended on him for her grades, her security on overseas mission trips, and more. OK, Mr. Sills, I'm reminded, but I fail to see how my opinion of you would improve as you do this. Further beating up people who've already been battered by yourself and others? Really?

It's worth noting that even secularists have clued in and are starting to prohibit such relationships, like my employer.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.