Without a Constitution, Israel Struggles to Save Its Democracy from Its Judiciary

“Be thankful that America has a written Constitution…. Israel’s elected parliament, the Knesset, is currently trying to stave off an anti-democratic coup by its judiciary.” - N.Review


England has the same problem--most of the rights from 1688, including the right to keep and bear arms, have been eviscerated by courts and Parliament.

What's interesting here is that the current process, which allocates control of the courts to unelected bodies, is being defended because it is supposedly more "democratic" than to give a greater say to the Knesset, which is elected. Israel (and England and other nations) desperately need to have and apply a Constitution which spells these things out clearly--what kind of things can and cannot be done in government.

Our nation's adherence to the Constitution is awful at times, but at least we've got one!

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