The Biblical Roots of the Assumption of Mary

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...if we assume the woman giving birth in Revelation is Mary, then we must assume she was assumed into Heaven and didn't die in an ordinary manner...

...I'm thinking that since the Magisterium and Trent both say that their position is not Sola Scriptura,  but rather is Scripture + Tradition of the Church, they'd do better to simply be consistent and admit that this tradition is simply tradition.  This is a classic non sequitur.  It's akin, and related of course, to the doctrines of her sinlessness and perpetual virginity. 

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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is one of many R.C. wrong "assumptions"!

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Breaking news--the Assumption is an assumption!

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So what was the Romish assumed virgin doing in heaven, pregnant and in labor pains and then giving birth to a child?

BTW, where did she "fall asleep" and go dormant--in Jerusalem or in Ephesus?

Msgr. Pope, 'fraid it ain't helpin'.