Actually, Eugene Peterson Does Not Support Same-Sex Marriage

"In retraction, popular author affirms ‘a biblical view of everything’—including marriage." CToday

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“I’ve helped several families accept their children as gay. And, uh, they are devastated at first and then with just careful, prayerful conversation, they’ve finally accepted that this is not a bad thing, that this can be a good thing. This can be a flourishing thing.”  -Eugene Peterson; 2014.  

He references an article “in the Christian Century right now” that he calls “brilliant” and “masterful.”

What was the article Peterson lauded and recommended? It was titled, “What is marriage now? A Pauline case for same-sex marriage” by Gerald Schlabach.

The above from the article:


Apparently, Peterson's previous statement on same-sex marriage is not a new position, but one he has had for some time.    I appreciate his apology, but, he bears watching.  

David R. Brumbelow 

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...for book royalties, in my view.  Peterson's decades long pastorate in the PCUSA, along with other statements like those David mentions, indicate to me that he's compromised Biblical theology in far more ways than just the proper method and timing of immersion.