Why Did God Allow the Fall?

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Well, I would say what they call a “bad answer” is part of the answer.  God allowed the Fall because He chose to allow, or permit, man to have a real free will.  

But much of this depends on whether you are a Calvinist or non-Calvinist (Moderate Calvinist; Traditionalist).  And of course, some Calvinists go as far as to say God caused the Fall and caused evil to occur.  

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I would tweak the author a bit and state that the purpose of the fall was to reveal God's attribute as a Redeemer.  This is the attribute that seems to carry a supreme importance and one in which He wants to reveal to His creation.  This was not an attribute He chose to reveal when Satan rebelled.  Instead He created a new creation, one in which He created mankind in His image, and one in which He planned to reveal not just judgment, but redemption to a chosen nation.  This is the great glory that we will be able to experience.  It is so infinitely amazing!!

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Some quick examples of some Calvinists who believe this.  

Paige Patterson read two quotes he attributed to Presbyterian pastor R.C. Sproul: "God desired man to fall into sin. God created sin"; and "It is [God's] desire to make His wrath known. He needed, then, something on which to be wrathful. He needed to have sinful creatures."


“God wills all things that come to pass...God desired for man to fall into sin...God created sin.” -R.C. Sproul, Jr., Almighty Over All

“All things that happen...come to pass because God ordained them...every evil thought, word, and deed in all of history....He has foreordained everything...the mistake of a typist —even sin.” (Palmer, The Five Points of Calvinism); 

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