Maranatha Announces New Team Member

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Good for Mark.  Anyone know where he's finishing his D.Min. mentioned in the announcement?

I'll be at MBU in June for most of the FBFI Conference.  Anyone else?

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I'll be at Maranatha as well. Hope to run into you Scott. When I wear a tie, it is almost always a bow-tie, so you might be able to find me that way.

This is great news, I'm thinking. Years ago, when Mark's parents were members of the same church as we were, they usually sat in the row ahead of us. My memory was of a row of blond heads... It has been a blessing to watch these young men grow up and take leadership positions among us.

Don Johnson
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Congratulations to Mark Herbster!  That's really exciting news, and I hope he prospers there!

Waiting for obligatory "Maranatha is great!' comment by TylerR at any time now... Wink

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Maranatha is great! So great I graduated twice.
I may end up there for the FBFI meeting. Never been to one of those before.

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Congrats to Mark.  Went to school with this guy, and also arranged for his team to minister at a few of our churches.  This will be a great addition for Maranatha.

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I don't know Mark, so I cannot comment on his abilities and character (though a degree from Central is a good indication IMO), but I'm trying to figure out how he can simultaneously be a dean and itinerant evangelist, and how he can simultaneously be an itinerant evangelist AND be heavily involved in student discipleship.  

Maybe it'll work, but let's just say that for it to do so, his version of itinerant evangelism is going to need to be a lot different from those few that I've seen.  

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