Media: They hate us, but who cares?

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Tell yourself it's all ok. We're the Moral Majority right? After all, its not like the generation 30 and under actually believe the media. I mean, when they say they don't like NBC, or CBS, that means they like us, right? Its not like they listen to Jon Stewart, or Colbert...

What is Cal Thomas talking about? If you haven't done so recently, talk to unsaved (or saved) 30 and unders... they don't think like you and me. They think Republican = evil, Christianity = stupid, God = spaghetti, and Jesus is a rastafarian homeboy. Pass the marijuana man...

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The internet has given us many things, both good and bad. The bad is that now every crazy in the monkey house has a platform, and the good is that we have multiple sources of information. Joe Sixpack and Suzy Homemaker can seek out and compare sources, and even openly challenge and correct the media when they put out false info. 

I agree that a free and unbiased press would be a good thing for this country, but here's me not holding my breath. 

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One of the things I treasure most about World magazine is that they do not pretend to be unbiased.  What they do, however, is they admit their biases, and in doing so, end up a lot closer to unbiased  than most of the MSM.  I think we need to start to compete with MSM and in places replace them.  

Back in college, friends of mine and I were appalled that the "Stale News" was so biased to the left, and we did a little bit of work to see what kind of conservative alternative one might find.  Interestingly, you can make it work these days on quite a shoestring--you don't need a huge press room like you used to with a gang of typesetters and all.  I think we need to start doing this--use the best info available, etc.., and demonstrate how it ought to be done.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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None of us are without bias, so I can't imagine a truly 'bias-free' journalism - even in one's portrayal of the facts of a case/event, one reveals bias by their choice of what information to share or leave out. 

However, if journalists announced their POV at the outset, at least folks would know from what end of the ideological spectrum they were coming. That said, I think it's part of the left's game plan to pretend to be unbiased while attempting to sway the masses with the usual fear tactics. (This just in - the possible links between badminton and cancer!)

It's almost amusing when a Hello-We-Are-Conservative group or talk show host shares their POV, and the left has a total wiggins about bias.