NBC says Olympian David Wise’s love of God, wife, child is ‘alternative lifestyle’

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Nowadays, to have a traditionally Christian way of life labeled "alternative lifestyle" is a step up. Culturally, we're supposed to respect "alternative lifestyles," right?   (But yes, it's a sad commentary that what used to be normal is now commonly viewed as something odd)

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NBC said that he has an alternative lifestyle in contrast to the lifestyle usually associated with his sport. Which is true. Thankfully.

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I liked it because it is true. This is an alternative lifestyle not only for that sport, but also for many young Americans. But why does this bother us so much? Is it because we still hold on to the hope that America has Biblical morality even though we know that the heart is far from God? I think articles like this are good, and there is no doubt this article was praising his "lifestyle." We are called to be salt and light in a dark world. So we should never be surprised that Christianity is not the norm, but is against the grain.