Securities and Exchange Commission: "circular, sham transactions" used to inflate stock of Left Behind Video Games

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Complaint: "According to the complaint, Troy Lyndon, the company’s founder and CEO, schemed to pump up the value of the company with the help of Ronald Zaucha, a Maui business consultant, and profit from sales of essentially worthless shares of stock."

Troy Lyndon blog (from 2011):

Yes, our message is sometimes slandered, misunderstood, and distorted. Yes, we face persecution that has an underlying objective to defeat Christ’s kingdom. But to what extent are we responsible for the criticism we get?

I’ll tell you what I think: more of the criticism we get is warranted than we’d like to admit. Everywhere you turn, we Christians have given the media and the vocal minorities the upper hand by the hypocritical way we have lived. And if we care about ministering to today’s young people, we can no longer ignore the way our choices have helped to form our image in their eyes.

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There's a Left Behind video game.


Stop the world, I want to get off.