Gene Simmons on Tebow: "But a guy who’s religious and has got family values isn’t ‘cool?’ He’s cool to me"

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Gene Simmons is one person no one needs for a defense of character, the guy is a serial womanizer.

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Gene is a sinner like us that needs grace and repentance!

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Have you seen the statistics on porn addiction in the church? Porn addiction in the pulpit?  Most (majority) of the men in the pews and pulpits are "serial womanizers" by Jesus' standard.  Gene acts like that because he doesn't know the Lord.  But Gene has noticed the Lord in Tim Tebow. Stop pointing fingers and praise the object of Tebow's devotion.  And thank the Lord that Gene Simmons sees a true reflection of Jesus in Tebow.

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I think it is great that Gene Simmons admires Tim Tebow.  He seems to see the good he admires about Tebow as the result of his religion and not as the result of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is surely seeing the Lord in Tebow, but he doesn't know that, yet.  As of right now, he just wants him to play football.