"It's really not so weird for me to be a Baptist minister and be openly gay."

You’re gay and a Baptist preacher. Ain’t that a bit weird?

“Baptists have the freedom to be as backward and bigoted as they could possibly desire and as progressive and cutting edge as they are called to be”

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This is something I've never understood. To me, the Bible seems pretty clear that homosexuality is wrong, but there are so many Christians who don't believe that. I would hesitate to accuse all these people of simply ignoring a clear Biblical teaching just because they don't like it, but then how do they go about interpreting passages that address homosexuality? How do they justify their beliefs?

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"For there are certain men crept in unawares..., ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness..."


Never ceases to amaze me what rides in on the back of grace.


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He has the inclusive message of the gospel down pat, but leaves out the change required to embrace the gospel.

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The circus is fascinating to watch because it has things you don't see in everyday life.  But I don't take the circus very seriously.  The circus does not intend to be taken seriously.  Its performers intend to profit by being bizarre, amazing, and amusing.

Same goes for Mr. Copeland.  Gay and a Baptist?  Amazing!  LOL!  Amusing!  Baptist preacher, gay stereotypes (music), vulgar innuendo? Amazing!  LOL!  Amusing!

Definitely not to be taken seriously.