"...couples should not be allowed to get married before age 25."

I would rather have men and women marry younger. Being married and being responsible for a family is one of the best ways for people to mature. Compare married women to single women. There comes an age, when a person needs the companionship and support of a spouse in order to feel complete.

I am thankful for the example of my unsaved parents, who deeply loved each other, respected each other, and demanded that we learn to respect others and carry out our commitments. Our children in law are benefiting from that example.

In my ministry, I only do weddings when I have had opportunity to do extensive counseling ahead of time. I focus upon Biblical principles of marriage, communication, commitment, and problem solving. If a couple is not williing to put forth the hard work to do the homework, they may not be willing to do the harder work of making a marriage work.

My wife and I are getting ready to rejoice in 45 years together. I can frankly say that the study I have done to prepare to help other couples has had a dramatic effect upon our marriage, and I am thankful for the application of the principles I studied.

Age should not be the determining factor, but willingness to be totally committed to marriage and to do the hard work to make it succeed must be present.

Dick Dayton

Age is not an indicator of maturity. I know the Bible talks about aged wisdom and the gray head, but that can’t be taken for granted. There are kids that are hard working and honest and love the Lord, and there are adults that aren’t responsible enough to babysit a parakeet.

The basic premise of the article is that young people should sow their wild oats before they get serious. Someone forgot to mention that sowing anything results in reaping- why should we believe that sowing irresponsibility will magically result in a harvest of maturity? Like, duh!