Striking public school teacher in PA makes $134,000 a year.

…benefits included. Union president colleague makes $121,000 (also benefits included).CAP Publishes Names, Salaries, Benefits in PA Teachers Strike


This was a very informative read. If this is all true, and I were a parent in this county, I’m pretty sure I’d be having some nice long chats wondering why I have to provide day care for my kids on a sub-$60,000 income while classes are canceled so these teachers can strike. This is just incredible.

Seems well documented. I’m not one to complain about the results when the marketplace determines the value of labor (whether it’s minimum wage or multi-million-dollar compensated CEOs), but in this case, the market has nothing to do with it. Rather, legislation has empowered unions to interfere with market forces. In this case, I doubt the taxpayers really attach $134k value to what this teacher does… and since it’s getting attention, something like market forces may be able to overcome the union power and bring these compensation levels down to where the “buyers” want them to be.
(Helps that in Wisconsin we’ve lately proven that the unions can be—at least temporarily—overcome when a state’s fiscal survival is at stake and enough people realize it.)

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