"Women, Stop Submitting to Men"

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As Christian wives, we submit to our own husbands as unto the Lord. As a church members, we submit to biblical leadership. But as women, we are not to submit to just any old man who tells us what to do. The concept goes beyond the morality issues discussed in the article. It addresses our worth as humans being made in the image of God and redeemed by Christ. Both men and women should be treated with respect in the church.

L Strickler

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For the most part, they stopped submitting years ago.

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Aaron Blumer wrote:
For the most part, they stopped submitting years ago.

Regardless of what feminists say, they are still obsessed with pleasing men. Ever heard of the idea of preferring hatred over being ignored? I think that's the dynamic they are going for- anything to be noticed, to feel important. Methinks they protest too much. Of course, it's drinking poison to try to kill the other person, but whoever said the human race was logical?

I think women should be respectful, but I agree that the idea of always being vulnerable, flexible, pliable, etc. around men in general... it's kinda' creepy.

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A primary problem in our culture and churches is not submission to men, it is submission to God (or lack thereof) . When both men and women, (husbands, wives, pastors, church leaders, etc) submit properly to the Father as Christ submitted to the Father you will have no problem with gender roles. Outward submission is of no profit without inward submission to God first taking place. Lets keep the proverbial horse before the cart. Submission starts with the Father and then extends from there toward our earthly relationships. Christ was submissive unto death and we complain about our perceived rights and injustices, when in truth our only rights lay in Christ and the Glory of our Father. May we be counted worthy to suffer in obedience and submission to our Father.

(I do not mean by this that women should be submissive to any men other than fathers and husbands. Humbleness, Kindness and Respect is due towards all the redeemed regardless of gender or age.)

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Yes, Aaron, feminism does rear its ugly head in broader society and has infiltrated the church as well. But there is an equally real danger as Christians react to it and end up being just as unbiblical in their understanding of gender and personhood.

You simply can't make this stuff up--there are conservative Christians teaching today that woman are not made in the image of God the same way that men are. They teach that women were created in the image of man and therefore are "more flexible" than men in their essence and should naturally adapt their personalities, wishes, inclinations, everything, et. al. to conform to the men in their lives. When you start with this false understanding, it's only one application away that women are a sub-species and will end up functionally submitting to ALL men.

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Yes... sadly, so many can't find the road... only the ditches on either side.