Prepairing children for baptism

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Does anyone out there have a recommendation on material, curriculum or catechism to use in preparing children for baptism?


At our church I do a pre-baptism/pre-membership class called “Grace 101.”

Couple years ago, I developed a younger version for the elementary school aged kids. Anybody 10 or older could probably do the adult one.

We hit the fundamentals of the faith a few of our distinctives, what baptism and the Lord’s Supper are all about, how the church is lead and who does what in leadership.

A major focus is the gospel because we have found that some want to be baptized or join the church but they have not actually understood and believed the gospel. So this ends up being an evangelism as well as disciple making tool.

(I just wish we had some students for that class right now. It’s been a while)

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I created some materials for fathers to use to mentor their children through the baptismal preparation process. There are chapters on the Gospel, assurance of salvation, and baptism. It is based on materials from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN, but completely retooled. When I get back to the office I’ll post them here.

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