Missions Committee

We're working to revive our church's missions committee to build awareness of Missions in the congregation. I was hoping to share some ideas and things at our churches might be doing so that we can encourage each other.

Here are a couple of ideas that I've come up with, from other churches and undergrad:

1. Missions type dinners or lunches in order to introduce the members to foreign culture.
2. Skyping missionaries directly during a church service, if possible.
3. Bringing 'reports' on books on missionaries during a church service in order in raise awareness of some of these men and women who managed to spend their lives for God so that they aren't just names but real people.

What do your churches do?

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If you want, I will send you Ukrainian toilet paper for everyone to try Smile And I'm very serious about that. It's cheap and light.

Actually, it would be interesting for people to try going without something for a period of time, something that missionaries do without.

Also, finding food stores that are made for people from foreign cultures are an interesting way to get insights into other places.

And just finding people from other cultures who are right in your town that you could reach out to or evangelize. My home church started an English as a second language outreach on Monday nights--they have various levels of English classes, then a general time of a devotional. And it has been really effective reaching Vietnamese, Ukrainians, Spanish speakers, a wide variety of peoples.