New Street Preaching sermon

Can I get a volunteer to listen to my latest street preaching sermon? I cant attach it here, as its a audio file. Or can I? Let me check. Does not appear so on this website. Please send me a PM and I can email you the audio file. Thanks..

I would do more video, but I do not always have someone to hold the camera, and besides, I have a very nice digital voice recorder, and also a extra mic that attaches to myself. The audio quality is much clearer than that of a normal (camera phone, digital camera, or even camcorder).


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Since you have experience in this, I hesitate to offer suggestions, but I have done some street preaching on city streets in business districts. I have found the most effective means there with passerbys is from the heart by the spontaneous leading of the Spirit --and giving out good tracts. Speaking a "sermon" can lose the interest of people in a hurry; and details can be spoken to those who stop and ask. Just a thought, and it all depends on the circumstances, I am sure.

- BobL

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Can you post your sermon at your website? I have looked at your website, it is interesting and you appear to have covered many topics. BTW, your picture does not look like the person in the video at your website to the degree I expected. One can tell it is you but the difference was interesting. I would be glad to listen to your audio. I will have time tomorrow.