Why/Where do you send your kids to camp?

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Is it so they can have fun in a safe, Bible-focused environment? So they can get away from the world for a week so that God can speak to them? Because it seems that so many kids either get saved at camp, get right with God, or surrender to full-time ministry? So mom and dad can have some kid-free time? All of the above?

What camps do you recommend? http://www.wilds.org/ The Wilds ? http://www.byc.cc/ Baptist Youth Camp ? http://campvictoryky.blogspot.com/ Camp Victory ? Or maybe one that’s listed in http://bn66.com/churches/camps.html this directory ?


I am partial to Ironwood and Treasure Mountain. I have gone to both as a camper and counselor/chaperone. I liked TM because our church was able to run it how we wanted. We provided the teaching. Ironwood, on the other hand, does everything for you and is done extremely well. Plus my youth pastor now works there.

I’ve sent each of my five kids to this camp.


I was also a counselor there for 6 years. I think camp is a wonderful way to get kids to turn their focus to God for a week, away from the pull of the TV or computer.

Of course Iowa Regular Baptist Camp. I grew up going there, and we have had the opportunity to send our three kids there (even though we don’t live in Iowa anymore). Phil Betz and Dave Callison and the rest of the team do a great job. I have so many memories from working there.

We send our kids to Camp Assurrance in Georgetown, IL. We do so for many of the reasons you listed. But one important thing for me is I choose the week carefully. There are certain speakers I prefer and others I STRONGLY avoid. So that does determine what weeks we go to any camp. CA is small and yet still has alot to do. The kids of our church love it!

Roger Carlson, Pastor Berean Baptist Church

That’s where I went to camp as a kid! I remember not only going there for camp, but going there for many work days to help spruce the place up.

I didn’t know anyone drove more than two hours to go there.