Phoenix Arizona Church?

We will be visiting Phoenix next month and I'm wondering if anyone here is from the area or if anyone knows of a good church to visit. Thanks! 

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Tri-City Baptist Church and Joel Tetreau's church.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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Thanks! I actually just remembered Tri-City is down there. I think we will go there. 

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Another one for the list, Northwest Valley Baptist, Kevin Schaal pastor - as the name says, it's over on the NW side, around Glendale. Tri-City is in Chandler, sort of south central, both good churches. I know Joel is down there somewhere too, but don't know where

Don Johnson
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That one looks good too. Being in Washington, it's hard to fathom having so many good churches to chose from in such a short distance. 

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Just thought I'd update this to say that we went to Tri-cities. It was a great service. Pastor Endean was in Africa but Pastor Nathan Mestler preached an excellent message. Stopped by the bookstore and got some great finds including at least one book that's out of print. We would definitely go back if we are ever in the area again.