Why some younger evangelicals are leaving the faith

"Disaffected young evangelicals and those who left the church describe an out-of-touch institution not in line with their political beliefs, a scholar found" - RNS

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I think that, in many cases, those "leaving evangelicalism" do so more for theological reasons than political reasons. They are "leaving" the Biblical teachings on morality, sexuality, and the eternal fate of the lost. They are "uncomfortable" with the Biblical positions and more affected by culture than the Bible. I do not deny that some churches become more political than necessary and therefore alienate some people. But the reasons are shifting theological beliefs among younger adults toward less Biblical beliefs.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

Huntington, IN


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Note that what is being said there is that those who are leaving simply have not been convinced that various positions are truly God's will.  I would at least hope that if my faith contradicted my politics, my politics would be the thing to change, instead of vice versa.  This seems to be that process in reverse.

That noted, there is at times an issue where certain "church" stands really aren't derived from the Bible, and a wise pastor needs to start discerning between which is essential and which is simply cultural.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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To sum up this article...

First, we shouldn't be surprised of people leaving the faith.  This is clearly to be expected.  That to me is not surprising or shocking.  Secondly, in my opinion the moral majority shifted the church from a theological standing to a political standing propped up with "cherry-picked" passages sold to congregants.  A way for us to take back the moral soul of a country favored by God.  This subsequently has left an entire set of generations that are weak on theology.  Third, the church has created a theological vacuum.  Unable to address the changing culture with proper theology, the younger generations views the church as out of step with society.  Fourth, as a result the youth are more swayed by culture because of the story that resonates with them and the weak apathetic response from the church.  They want a church that is relevant and changes with the times.

Fortunately Christ is not wringing His hands over the situation.  "The Lord knows those who are his,"  and we know that those will be kept "from the evil one" by the Father.