LifeWay inks out-of-court agreement with former CEO Thom Rainer

“In practical terms, [the agreement] means that Rainer, who had signed a book deal with a competing Christian publisher, would refrain from publishing until November 2021, when his noncompete clause with LifeWay expires.” - RNS


“Our prayer has always been that this could be resolved between LifeWay and Dr. Rainer amicably,” said Todd Fannin, chairman of LifeWay’s board of trustees. “We’re thankful Dr. Rainer agreed to honor his word and commitment to LifeWay, which has been our goal from the beginning. The trustees and Dr. Rainer are looking forward to putting this behind us.”

So Lifeway claims Rainer was totally at fault. To bad we’ll never know the truth.

First of all, nothing glorifies God like telling one of His servants to stop working for a year or two. It’s not like the fields are white for harvest or anything.

Second, here’s an educated appraisal of the situation by someone who’s seen many of the documents and is a trained lawyer. Other lawyers may disagree, but if Denhollander’s appraisal is accurate, this is an “amicable” agreement in the same way that mobsters had “amicable protection agreements” with businesses in New York City. One said “Nice business, would be a shame if anything happened to it”, the other says “nice book, would be a shame if the author got sued into the poorhouse.”

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.