Looking for a Gospel Opening? Ask About Their Tattoo.

"Tattoos have become more and more mainstream, particularly with millennials, and especially in the United States. We must see this growing trend and understand our need to engage people—no matter what they look like on the outside." - TGC

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I learned at a former job--where a large portion of the hourly workers, as well as a good portion of those in the office/salaried, had tats--that inquiring about someone's body ink is a great way to learn about the things that are precious to them.  The way I learned to explain it is that in their lives, their jobs, homes, relationships and even families seemed terribly temporary, but tattoos are permanent.

And if you think about it, the Gospel is permanent.  It's a really good fit, though I have no desire myself to get poked for a few hours and pay a few hundred bucks to have one of my own.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Yes, I too have used tattoos  as a conversation starter with the gospel in mind.  When Jesus was by a well, He talked about water (woman at the well John 4).  When we are by a tattoo we can talk about the ink and what it means.  

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I had my first tattoos when I was 13. Indian ink, needles, and friends. They were so bad that my wife gave me permission to cover them with new tattoos. I have often had the opportunity to witness with them especially when riding my Harley. On one arm is a cross with Alpha and Omega with INRI imbedded. On the other arm is the Davis coat of arms from Wales. One is the natural birth; the other spiritual birth. We joke that it's better to get tattoos when you're older.Why? Because you'll have less time to regret them. Also, before you get tattoos, build up them guns Smile