Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals parts ways with long time contributor, Aimee Byrd

“Some online commentators have … asserted that an Alliance contributor — perhaps Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, or any other contributor or editor — is personally responsible for this change. No Alliance contributor or editor ever has such authority. There is no longer an Alliance Council speaking for the Alliance, nor are these difficult calls the result of pressure from any outside group. Decisions of this importance are made solely by the Alliance Board of Directors.” - Ref21


Well, she’s gone (but not gone). I think it was inevitable. She seemed to be becoming a bit of a loose cannon. While Mrs Byrd can have her opinions, she is not above the need to clarify them when asked to by the ministry for whom she is writing and speaking. In fact, she should welcome the opportunity to respond to the questions she was asked, none of which were unreasonable. The fact that she accepted the invitation to “explain” herself at full-blown egalitarian Scot McKnight’s blog is not a good omen.

Dr. Paul Henebury

I am Founder of Telos Ministries, and Senior Pastor at Agape Bible Church in N. Ca.

Agreed. They asked her to clarify. She refused. They have a right to part ways. She will survive and will soldier on. I’m sure she will find a home with another ministry.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.