Aimee Byrd

That Was Then, This Is Now: Aimee Byrd Preaches Her First Sunday Morning Sermon

"One can’t help but note that Michael Bird, who co-hosts a podcast with Aimee Byrd, seems to have embarked on a similar trajectory around the same time. In 2012, Bird wrote a book wherein he affirmed male headship as 'normative' and 'indisputable.' Today, he disputes male headship and says he has changed his mind." - CBMW

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How a Reformed Facebook Group’s Private Comments Turned Into a Public Dispute

"The anonymous website GCScreenshots featured not only the Facebook group’s remarks against Byrd and other Reformed women, but also a list of the hundreds of Facebook users who belonged to the group, including the church affiliations of the pastors and elders who were members." - CToday

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Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals parts ways with long time contributor, Aimee Byrd

"Some online commentators have ... asserted that an Alliance contributor — perhaps Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt, or any other contributor or editor — is personally responsible for this change. No Alliance contributor or editor ever has such authority. There is no longer an Alliance Council speaking for the Alliance, nor are these difficult calls the result of pressure from any outside group. Decisions of this importance are made solely by the Alliance Board of Directors." - Ref21

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