Is it wrong to be skeptical of "science."

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Christians have been criticized by other Christians- even on this site- for being skeptical of “science.” This rabbi explains why we should be skeptical.

Not the scientific method that I grew up with of hypothesis, proof, and conclusion. But this strange and questionable “science” upon which public policies are now getting based. It is starting to remind me all too much of other policies based on “science” in the past. Historically, when public policies have been based in the science of the time, the policies have often led to dangerous and painful results.

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When the media or political leaders use the term “science,” they almost never mean the actual results from data derived from experimentation, they mean “how we decide to interpret the data and any conclusions we decide to draw from that.” Once we’ve heard that too many times, especially when used to justify outlandish policies, it’s no wonder people get skeptical. And of course at that point, the skeptical who don’t just blindly swallow what they are being fed are called “science deniers.”

It’s really no different from being called a “racist” for refusing to accept identity politics and the policies that arise from those politics. After a while, you just learn to tune it out.

Dave Barnhart

from a scientific point of view is that it is impossible to observe what supposedly happened 3-4 billion yrs ago. None of us or any human was there. So it has to be just a theory and not settled scientific fact. You also can’t observe the process of macroevolution, which is one species turning into a completely new one today. We can observe microevolution which is change within species. I told my cat Socks one day that we have something in common. We had an ancestor on Noah’s Ark. Now my ancestor and his probably looked very different from us today but we are the same species as them. When we hear scientific consensus today what are we really hearing? It is the voices of a bunch of bullies who say, “We all believe thus and so on a subject and you better get with us or you will be called unscientific”. If one even questions any part of modern day evolution this is the attitude those in academia. Well this isn’t scientific and is not based upon true science. What a true scientist has to admit is,”We were not there. We don’t know all the dynamics of the conditions that long ago. We think this is how it was but can’t speak about it with certainty.”

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