Trump Officially Recognizes Golan Heights as Israeli Territory

"President Trump on Monday signed an order recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, abruptly shifting long-standing U.S. policy on the matter." - National Review

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We can debate--and probably should somewhere else--whether Israel of today "ought to possess" this area, as it does appear to have been part of God's grant to Israel conditional on their obedience--but this link gives us a hint as to why it's important that Israel hold this land.  Used by invading armies for artillery in wars prior to 1967, it's a high point that allows the owner to shell a lot of Israel.  It is, if controlled by groups like Hezbollah, the Israeli equivalent of the North Korean region around Kaesong, which is where most of the artillery that might hit Seoul is based.

Put differently, Syria losing this area is a lot like a father taking away the toy that a child is using to beat up his sibling.  "You had it, you abused it, you lost it.  Deal with it."

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