"The fall in IQ scores in the West is perhaps the most under-reported story of our era."

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....given that some of the most vicious parts of the modern political scene are at elite universities, and admission standards there have risen sharply over the past few decades, it's hard for me to blame a lack of Q for this.  Maybe a lack of logic, maybe a lack of respect for the rules of fair play, but not a lack of Q.  In the same way, the same correlation seems to refute the notion that the issue is screen time--since again, the guys getting into Harvard and the like are precisely those who have learned a lot more self-control (specifically that required to study, participate in sports, and the like) than average.  

I'm going with "lack of logic" and "lack of fair play", followed by something Rush Limbaugh has been noting for decades; until he and other conservative pundits came along, the left pretty much had the airwaves to themselves, and the main debate was over the rate at which we'd move to the left, and the extent we anticipated doing so.  Rush and others expanded the debate to the questions of "does government need to be doing this at all?", and not surprisingly, many on the left were threatened by that, especially since so many on the left earn their living through government or nonprofits created to avoid the estate tax.  It's a recipe for fights.

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Bert Said:

....given that some of the most vicious parts of the modern political scene are at elite universities

Yes, but university students/profs have a longstanding reputation to be radical. But what has happened is that the common man is now that way -- not because they have been brainwashed by cynical professors.

Lower ability to concentrate is certainly a reality.  But I do agree that there is more to the story than just lower intelligence.  Much of this flows from the growing anti-social stance of the younger generations documented 20 years ago in "Bowling Alone."  People don't belong to clubs, read the community paper, vote, etc., as they used to.  When you are social, you become friends with and mix with all kinds of people.  This helps teach you tolerance.

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