Chelsea Clinton: ‘Roe’ Helped Add ‘Three and a Half Trillion Dollars to Our Economy’

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Well, let's go and kill sixty million more people and we'll be in the money, won't we?  #BrokenWindowsFallacy

Seriously, what she's saying is that legal infanticide allowed women to go into the work force, which comes as a surprise to black women, who have always been part of that work force whether or not they have children. I've got black friends who get a real kick out of the "Mommy Wars" for that reason....comments like "must be nice to be fighting about that instead of worrying about the next rent check!"

Very loose logic on the part of Ms. Clinton, and quite frankly it brings up the question of whether that $3.5 trillion, even if real, actually represents an improvement in living standards.  When my first child was born, my wife and I calculated that if she kept working, she'd have been working for about a buck an hour--but of course the guys counting GDP wouldn't exactly have seen it that way.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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There's also an argument to be made that the much promulgated, looming insolvency in the Social Security and Medicare trust funds has been exacerbated---if not outright created---by the fact that tens of millions of younger workers in the U.S. (who would now be age 45 and younger, post-1973) were never born and are not now paying FICA taxes.....

I rather doubt that Chelsea factors that into the equation.....