Northeastern University Prof: 'Why Can’t We Hate Men?'

"Walters also decried women’s lack of education access, but did not mention that among U.S. adults age 25-64, 38 percent of women have college degrees, compared with just 33 percent of men." Intellectual Takeout

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It would be fun to ask her how that hard feminism is working out for her, and the women she claims to be supporting.  About two thirds of student loan debt is owed by women, marriage rates are plunging in a world where married people live longer, healthier, happier lives, "hooking up" vs. marriage has given us a world where the CDC tells us that the average person can expect four STIs in his lifetime.

To make things worse, the predominant model for how sexual violence proceeds, the Duluth Model, actually goes counter to a lot of the evidence by arguing that "patriachy" is the cause when domestic violence rates among homosexuals are 2-3x higher than those for heterosexuals, and those among unwed heterosexual couples are about 2-3x higher than those among the married.  Um, who exactly is the patriarch in a homosexual relationship, and wouldn't those inclined towards patriarchy actually take advantage of marriage?  

I should probably hesitate to presume to speak for women, but were I female, I think I might be tempted to pull Miss Walters aside and say "Ma'am, what you're doing is likely to leave me without a husband and childless with no comfort in the world besides cats, suffering PTSD from the domestic violence I suffer from a stream of boyfriends or girlfriends I take to bed instead of a husband.  In short, you propose to ruin my life, and I have one plea for you; would you please get off 'my side'? "  

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