Triple Jeopardy in College Sexual Assault Case Ends an N.F.L. Career

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This article is an excellent example of the problems we face as a society which is supposed to follow "equal justice under law". When the subject is sexual assault, "equal justice" seems forgotten in the emotional frenzy.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

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The problem, according to the article, is Title IX.  Legally speaking, Title IX mandates investigations with life-long consequences for the accused without subpoena power, without the right of the accused to counsel or the right to confront his accusers, without the power of collecting physical evidence, with a lesser standard of proof than governs criminal cases, and without protections against double and triple jeopardy.  

Since it's at MSU, let's be blunt; Title IX implementation (MSU's was actually pretty good and has been for decades) is a big part of the reason Larry Nassar evaded justice for 20 years, and is a big part of why Keith Mumphery is stuck in his career.

Hopefully Mumphery gets some good lawyers, gets a big settlement from MSU and an NFL job, and finally gets this horrendous part of Title IX modified or revoked outright.   Title IX is the university equivalent of churches "handling it inside", IMO, and the ironic thing is that these portions of Title IX were actually intended to prevent universities from sweeping things under the rug.

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