Thanks from Greg and Jennifer

Reggie wearing an outfit sent by Lee and Michelle BrockI wanted to share a word of thanks to those of you in the SI membership who gave so generously to my family and me. Many of the ladies in the Ladies Forum went in on an “Internet shower” for Jennifer, and others sent clothing and other items separately. Your generosity has been a special blessing to us.
Reggie resting on Dad's shoulderOur new son, Reggie, has been a delight. The whole family is enjoying him. His older sisters can’t get enough kisses and cuddles. Jennifer is recovering well, all things considered, though I do realize, ladies, that is a relatively easy thing for me to type.

I also wanted to share a brief word of thanks to those who contributed to the appreciation gift collected for me after I announced my departure from the SI Admin Team. With the funds collected, I was able to purchase (at very reasonable prices):

A Kodak Easyshare Z650 Digital Camera…
Kodak Easyshare Z650
…and a Toshiba Gigabeat S60 Portable Media Center…
Toshiba Gigabeat S60
…with a nice remnant to invest in further education.

Thanks again for the displays of appreciation and thoughtfulness. Jennifer and I am truly overwhelmed by your expressions of generosity to us.

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