A Soldier Writes from Iraq

NOTE:The note written below is from Captain Steve Davies. He is a Captain in the Army on his second tour in Iraq. He served four years as prior enlisted in the Air Force. He accepted Christ during those years. When he left the Air Force, he enrolled at International Baptist College and over the next five years received both his BA and MA degrees in Bible. Steve married the former Carrie Stephens after graduation, and they have two young sons. This is a letter he wrote his father-in-law, who is a deacon at Tri-City Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. If you would like to encourage Steve, you can contact him at steven.c.davies@us.army.mil.

–Mike Sproul

Hey dad,

Thanks for the email. I lost all my email addresses on my computer a few weeks ago and I was hoping that you would email me soon.

Things are going pretty well here. I am ready to come home and see Carrie and the boys. Work is not so bad, but I am a little burned out.

I got a bunch of letters from Tri City. Please tell them all thank you for remembering me.

I have been able to preach in the chapel about every 3rd week, and I have been able to lead 4 men to the Lord. One of these young men asked me to teach him how to share the gospel right before he went home on leave. I helped him outline his Bible, and walked him thought he presentation a couple times. He went home, and led his mom to the Lord. The Chaplain here is a nice guy, and we have been able to encourage each other. He is my one strong Christian friend. I have shared the gospel with my boss, and one of my NCOs who have still not accepted the Lord. My boss has been struggling with it ever since. He brings it up quite a bit, and says.. or at least use to say that he was close to accepting it. He speaks about it less and less however, and I suspect that the Devil may have removed the seed by now. His name is Chris, and perhaps if you all would pray for him God would set him apart and continue to work. The other man is Augustus. I don’t see him as often as I use to and I am not really sure where he is in the decision to get saved. I suspect, he has hardened his heart though I can not be sure.

We will be having baptisms for the new Christians soon.

God has been good to us in our mission. We have not had anyone killed yet. We get hit almost every night. Sometimes we get hit several times per night. I praise God for his protection. I hope that it stays that way. It has been made clear to me that our safety does is not due to the Armor, but rather God’s answer to prayer. God has truly been gracious to us. You may never hear specifically how your prayers for us are answered, but your spiritual work is keeping people alive here. Please Don’t Quit!!! Try to encourage everyone too keep protecting us on their knees.

I know that my ministry is not what most people consider full time Christian vocation, but I would not trade it for anything. I am ministering to people that I love, and doing something that makes me proud. Sometimes I feel like my spiritual impact is much smaller than I hoped for as I was studying in Bible College. But there is an impact. And I am reaching people in a way that even my Chaplain can not. Carrie is amazing. She is always the encourager. She lifts me up in so many ways, and her influence with the boys is something that I could have never imagined. She is truly the perfect wife, and I am not worthy of her. I could not endure this life it she were not the person she is. I am glad she gets to come see you guys soon.

Well, I have to get ready to put the convoys out on the roads. I love and miss you all. Talk to you soon.

Love Steve.

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