SharperIron Will Go Offline May 28

In order to move to SI 3.0, the site will go offline Thursday morning, May 28. Lord willing, we’ll be back online by Monday morning June 1.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Your current account and password will still be your account and password. You will need to sign in. A check box will be available for “remembering” your account and keeping you logged in. Using this feature requires that you have cookies enabled on your browser.
  • The Help link at the new site will provide information on some of the site’s features (most of the site should be pretty self-explanatory).
  • The private messaging system is a beta (meaning “not ready for prime time.”) In a way, the whole new site is a “beta,” but the PM system makes no claim to being “finished” yet. Since it’s being built by free-lancers as an open source project, it’ll be evolving for a while. And for the same reason, we can’t exactly threaten to cut their pay if they don’t hurry up! At present it does the basic thing it needs to do: send and receive private messages.
  • Profiles: you’ll find that some new required fields appear in your member profile. Two check boxes ask whether you agree with the site Doctrinal Statement and agree to abide by the Comment Policy. A required church field has been created for administrative purposes and is visible only to Moderators and Admins. The church field that is visible to all members will remain optional.
    We’ll need some help from you. The import process is not able to carry over all of the fields from the current SharperIron database. The result is that we’ll be missing several important pieces of information in the profiles. Please visit your profile right away when you sign on for the first time and fill out the missing information. (SI does not share any of this data with any organization.)
  • Asking questions and reporting problems: the Technical Issues forum will be available at the new site and you can report problems there. Sometimes other users may have helpful suggestions. Another option is to use the contact link (in the site header) and select the appropriate category. Look for a “known issues” thread where problems we’re already aware of are listed. Checking that thread before reporting a problem will allow you to avoid reporting something we’re already working on.
  • One final note (for this particular update) of importance. The Comment Policy has been revised for the new site. We’ll post the new CP in the forums shortly so you can look it over and comment if you wish. The Doctrinal Statement is not changing at this time.
  • Thanks in advance for your patience. Pray for a smooth transition.
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