What Does It Mean to Stand with Israel? (Part 4)

By Paul J. Scharf

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What does it mean to stand with Israel? My wife Lynnette and I were challenged to think about that question in a completely new way on Friday, June 7, when we heard a firsthand account of the terrorist massacre that Hamas unleashed last October 7.

Presenting were two survivors of Kibbutz Be’eri, an avocado farming community situated roughly two miles from Gaza. It was Hamas’ first target on that horrible morning. For the sake of caution, I will use only the first names of the speakers,…

Four Things I Learned from Dad

By Aaron Blumer

First posted at Sharper Iron on July 24, 2009. Larry Blumer, the “Dad” in this essay, went to be with the Lord August 17, 2011.

An old adage says that when you’re sixteen your dad doesn’t know anything, when you’re twenty-six he’s occasionally sensible, and when you’re thirty-six he’s one of the wisest people you know. I can testify that there is some truth in that observation. Though I still rarely seek my dad’s advice, it’s because—at age forty-three—I have come to realize how much of his advice I’ve already absorbed from growing up around him.


BJU: Can’t Beat the Real Thing

By C. D. Cauthorne Jr.

A relatively unknown Greenville pastor, Joshua Crockett, recently ascended to what would have been, in the latter half of the twentieth century, one of the most prominent positions in Fundamentalism—the presidency of Bob Jones University. Thankfully, with the exception of a few on the fringes, most seem to be satisfied with his choice, or at least they are willing to give him a chance.

As he begins his presidency, Crockett should ask himself two questions. First, what can I learn from my predecessor? Second, how can I “strengthen the things which remain”?…