They're Back!

The complete article database is now online!

Saturday evening, July 25, we were able to successfully migrate more than 900 full length articles and more than 2000 Filings posts into SharperIron 3.0—that’s the entire collection of material from before June 1, ‘09.

You can browse it using the Archive links on the lower right of your screen.

Special thanks to Jason Schaitel who constructed the import file from multiple tables in the old Wordpress database.

You’ll notice a couple of things aren’t perfect. First, we have to find a way to reconstruct the links between the these articles and their discussion threads in the forum archive. Currently, you can find those discussions by keyword searching in the archive. Second, the old “permalinks” to these articles don’t generally work. These need to be added as “aliases” so they lead to their new location (this second project solves half of the first one as well). These projects will be getting some attention in the coming weeks.

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now we can get back to arguing discussing all of the important subjects that we have forgotten about since the switch to SI-3

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Oh yeah... like the Scriptures and alcohol maybe!
(Now let's not take that topic any further in this thread, please... we've already got at least three threads going on it right now!)

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Well, migrating them in was the easy part compared to writing them all! So, thanks again to all our authors past and present.