Archaeologists discover rare 2,000-y-o oil lamp in Jerusalem’s City of David on Pilgrimage Road

"The IAA researchers believe the bronze lamp, shaped like a grotesque face cut in half and estimated to be from the late first century or the early second century CE, was put in the foundation of the building in Jerusalem’s City of David for good fortune" - C.Post

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9 Things You Should Know About the Dead Sea Scrolls

Last week, "Israeli archaeologists announced the discovery of dozens of Dead Sea Scroll fragments bearing biblical texts. The fragments of parchment include lines of Greek text from the books of Zechariah and Nahum. Based on the writing style, they have been dated to around the first century AD." - TGC

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Scholar argues 'fake' Shapira Bible manuscript is actually oldest-known copy

"Idan Dershowitz, 38, now claims the manuscript is, indeed, real and far older than Shapira thought. Dershowitz published his claims and arguments in a paper released earlier this month, 'The Valediction of Moses: New Evidence on the Shapira Deuteronomy Fragments.'" - Fox

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Biblical Problems with Identifying Tall el-Hammam as Sodom

"In order to show why Tall el-Hammam, should not be identified as biblical Sodom, this paper proceeds by answering the following questions: (1) When was Sodom destroyed? (2) How should the lifespans of the patriarchs be understood? (3) Was Sodom inhabited again after its destruction?" - AiG 

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Why We Dig: The Importance of Biblical Archaeology

"Archaeology reminds us of the 'earthiness' of the biblical accounts. As a field archaeologist at the site of Bethsaida, next to the Sea of Galilee, I oversaw the excavation area of the New Testament/Roman domestic quarter. Not only did we uncover some of the houses from that time, but we found lots of fishing gear, such as hooks and weights, inside the houses." - TGC

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