The Capitol Attack Signaled a Post-Christian Church, Not Merely a Post-Christian Culture

"Some might dismiss the Christian symbols at the insurrection—not only signs but prayers 'in Jesus’ name' right next to a horn-wearing shaman.... some might wave away the evangelicals who falsely claimed in the days afterward that it had been a crowd of antifa activists... .And yet, survey after survey shows that alarming numbers of white evangelicals believe the lie behind the attack" - CToday

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Evangelical deconstruction: "I want them to know what they believe and why"

"Twice a week I sit with ten or more 17 and 18-year-olds and let them ask any question they want about the faith—freely—no question is out of bounds.... I want to make sure they know what they believe and why." - Kevin Schaal

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“We have to talk about how to face new challenges.”

"Sometimes we just need to wrangle through new issues to come up with some sort of common clarity. Fundamentalists of a century ago .... We now have to work through and clarify such things as marriage definitions, transgenderism, social media, and even the biblical data on race." - Kevin Schaal

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