American Evangelical Christianity: A Failed Movement?

"Yes, to be sure, it had its flaws, but I have  no regrets about growing up in the movement and spending my whole life in the thick of it. Except, I deeply regret that I am seeing it crumble and fail. I am not sure there even is such a thing as an American evangelical movement anymore." - Roger Oleson

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Why I’m Still Baptist, Still Evangelical

"Yes, the bride of Christ — the church — is seared, spotted, smudged and smeared. Yet even so. The gentle and humble can still be found. Like Pastor Vern. And like countless other pastors, missionaries, teachers and servants who spend hidden lives of no name or repute, toiling for God’s kingdom in The Middle of Nowhere, day in and day out." - C.Leaders

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The Church Needs Prophets, But It Wants Lawyers

"American Christian culture is rife with congregants looking for lawyers, not prophets and not pastors. The church-shopping phenomenon puts us in churches that make us feel quite comfortable.... From all too many members of the congregation comes the cry, 'Tell us what we want to hear!'" - French

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