John Stott at 100: Why Evangelicals Still Need Him

"If Stott’s primary objective had been his ecclesial career in the Church of England, he might well have sought unity that avoided such questions as the verbal inspiration of Scripture or the objective nature of the atonement, or the necessary historicity of the virgin birth and the bodily resurrection, much less the biblical teachings on such culturally contested questions as marriage and sexuality." - Russell Moore

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Why the Church Is Losing the Next Generation

"I started to wonder whether religion itself—or at least the kind of Christianity that showed up in the slogans all around me—might really be about something else: southern culture or politics. If so, I thought, that would mean that Jesus is not the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but a means to an end. And that would mean that the gospel is not 'You must be born again,' but 'You must be one of us.'" - Russel Moore

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Book Review: Jesus and John Wayne: A Fair Portrait of Evangelicalism?

"Towards the end of the book, after assembling her evidence and indicting the totality of evangelical Christianity as White and Patriarchal, she writes: 'Driscoll, Mahaney, Patrick, MacArthur, and MacDonald had all risen to prominence through their aggressive promotion of patriarchal power. To those who cared to notice, it was clear that Trump wasn’t the first domineering leader to win over evangelicals.'" - Anne Kennedy

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American Evangelical Christianity: A Failed Movement?

"Yes, to be sure, it had its flaws, but I have  no regrets about growing up in the movement and spending my whole life in the thick of it. Except, I deeply regret that I am seeing it crumble and fail. I am not sure there even is such a thing as an American evangelical movement anymore." - Roger Oleson

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