LifeWay State of Theology Survey: Evangelicals Hold Steady on Doctrine, More Outspoken on Politics

Many "evangelicals still believe the heresy of Arianism....Two-thirds of evangelicals (65%) affirmed the statement that 'Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God.' This figure is lower than in the last two surveys (in 2018, 78% agreed; in 2016, 71% agreed)." - CToday

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A Conversation with Dr. Mark Noll on the history of evangelicalism

"I am joined by Dr. Mark Noll, research professor at Regent College... author of Evangelicals: Who they Have Been, Are Now, and Could Be (with George Marsden and David Bebbington, Eerdmans, 2019), .... [topics:] how to define an evangelical, the history of evangelicalism, both in the United States and abroad, and how evangelicals are responding to the current moment." - Russell Moore

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Tim Miller reviews Thomas Kidd's “Who Is an Evangelical?”

"Kidd has shown that the term evangelical has lost much of its doctrinal meaning....And though he does not make this explicit, I think he has shown that the movement has done its best when it has focused on doing what it has been called to do (evangelize, emphasize personal lives of holiness) rather than when it has sought political power." - Tim Miller

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Review of Mark Galli's “When Did We Start Forgetting God?”

"Few aspects of church life escape Galli’s censure. Evangelicals’ shallow engagement with the Bible, our self-indulgent reliance on personal anecdotes in preaching, our relative disregard for the sacraments, our proclivity to replace the worship of God in our music with techniques that effectively elicit 'spiritual jollies,' our small groups—Galli’s diagnosis of evangelical churches is comprehensive, and excoriating." - TGC

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Fact and Fiction About Racism and the Rise of the Religious Right

"According to this narrative, Evangelical leaders mainly supported abortion rights. They jumped into the culture war only when the IRS moved to strip the tax exemptions from racially discriminatory schools. Opposition to integration is the poisonous acorn that grew into the mighty political oak of conservative Christianity." - David French

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New National Association of Evangelicals president calls for evangelicals to address ‘identity crisis’ without fear

Walter Kim at his March 4 inauguration: “This movement is confronting an identity crisis and it’s not just the mild sort of growing pains....The challenges are real and they have to be confronted with honesty...but not with fear.” - RNS

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