It’s Always a ‘Negative World’ for Christianity, Even within American Christendom

"the idea that faithful Christians are safe from persecution even within Christendom has been proven false. ...Christians across America—including dozens of Evangelical Christians within the halls of power—put another Christian man, Mike Pence, in mortal danger last year simply for having the basic integrity to uphold the rule of law." - David French

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Al Mohler on Calvin University decision to retain faculty who disagree with doctrinal statement on LGBTQ relationships

"Given the unprecedented pressure to conform to the sexual and gender revolutions, we are about to see another great divide among schools that have identified as evangelical." - Al Mohler

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“... we have almost entirely given up the concept of being wrongly worldly”

"What I am asking is if the concept of 'separation from the world' ... has meaning anymore—among doctrinally conservative, spiritually evangelical Protestant Christians. Are there really no boundaries of behavior? If so, why do I almost never hear about them?" - Roger Olson

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Debates About Interracial Marriage, Childbearing Emerge as Christian Nationalism Continues To Gain Support

"Perry then presented data indicating that the more White Americans identify with Christian nationalists ideals, the more likely they are to believe that White Americans are the most discriminated against group in the nation." - C.Leaders

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