Churches Should Adopt a Modern Version of the Bible

In my previous post, I asked if churches should abandon the King James Version for a modern English translation. I answered, “Yes,” and suggested there were two main reasons…But the truth is that after 400 years it suffers a number of shortcomings when compared to modern versions. I will mention two.

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2008 Mid-America Conference on Preaching, Part 3

General Session 2: Departures (James 4:4)—Sam Horn

MACP LogoSam Horn earned B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in New Testament Exegesis at Bob Jones University. In 1996, he joined the staff at Northland Baptist Bible College in Dunbar, Wisconsin. He is also pastor of Brookside Baptist Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Sam and his wife, Beth, are regular speakers at couple’s conferences, family camps, and teen retreats across the country. Dr. Horn spoke during General Session 2. Below is a summary of his message.

The topic we are looking at this year is one of the most significant topics we could be looking at in this time in history. Pastors today are concerned that their young people are not interested in being part of the ministry that raised them once they go off to school. Many of these young people are looking for others to engage in certain conversations and to give responsible answers. Since their churches are not willing to have those conversations, they are being swayed by those who are willing to do so.1611.jpg

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2008 Mid-America Conference on Preaching, Part 2

General Session 1: The Wisdom of God vs. the Wisdom of This Age

1 Corinthians 2:6-16

MACP LogoThe opening session of the conference began simply with prayer, two hymns, and a musical ensemble. Dave Doran delivered the first address.
Jigsaw WorldDr. Dave Doran is senior pastor at Inter-City Baptist Church and president of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, both in Allen Park, Michigan. He serves as chairman of the Practical Theology Department and teaches the core pastoral theology courses in the M.Div. program. He received his education at Bob Jones University (B.A.), Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., Th.M.), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (D.Min.). The following is a summary of his presentation:

The conference theme is “Culture, Contextualization, and the Church.” Hearing this theme engenders lots of reactions, some of confusion and some of rejection. There are about as many definitions of “contextualization” as there are people talking about it. For some it means applying the Scripture. For others it shapes the very message they are going to proclaim. The term is only about thirty-five years old, but it’s not going to go away.

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