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Barna: 1 in 5 Churches Could Close in the Next 18 Months

"Speaking on NPR’s 'Here & Now,' Barna president David Kinnaman said that based on trends both before and after the COVID-19 outbreak, American churches will look significantly different after the pandemic—and a fifth of them could close." - C. Leaders

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Is the small, single full time clergy staff church a luxury churches can no longer afford?

"I see solid, educated, selfless, dedicated pastors around me who are full time clergy in churches of 40 to 60 in attendance. Is giving by a group this size enough to support a full time pastor adequately? Do members give per capita sufficient to cover a $50,000 or more salary cost by their minister? Depends, I suppose, on the church." - SBC Voices

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Crown Financial Cautions Churches About Taking Coronavirus Stimulus Money

Chuck Bentley: "For a church to be in such dire straights this early in the crisis as to require a portion of the $350 billion program raises questions about how well its leadership is communicating with their congregation and whether repaying the loan/grant inside the two-year window would even be possible." - Faithwire

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