Men Play Significant Role in Decisions Surrounding Unplanned Pregnancies

"Men are most likely to say they were the most influential person in their partner’s decision to have an abortion. ...(38%) say they had the most influence. Fewer point to a medical professional (18%), the woman’s mother (14%), her friends (7%), an abortion provider (4%)" - LifeWay

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7 Important Life Lessons from a Godly Father

"This is my first Father’s Day without my father being present to honor. He went home to heaven in January after battling Covid. I was fearing this day, but I should not have. Thinking about dad on this day has made me thankful for him and for the things that he taught me that remain part of my life." - Kevin Schaal

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Pew research: More fathers satisfied with time spent with their kids in pandemic

"46% of fathers reported spending “the right amount” of time with their kids. This marks a 10-percentage-point increase from 2017.... 48% of fathers surveyed last October said they spend 'too little' time with their kids. That figure is down significantly from 63% in 2017." - CPost

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Fathers, love your family through family fun and worship

"One encouragement I have found as a father — beyond the bedrock truth that God is sovereign and that He loves and cares for my children better than me, and sometimes in spite of me — is the scriptural truism, 'love covers a multitude of sins' (1 Pet 4:8). Spend a few moments meditating on this, and you will find its depths unfathomable and its practical currency immediate." - CBMW

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Lessons in Faithfulness from My Favorite Veteran, My Father

"As I think back, the one great lesson I learned from my father is that regardless of the work that God has called each of us to do, we must all put our hands on the plow, and not look back at our mistakes and shortcomings. Instead, we should look forward, 'fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith'" - IFWE

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Can Dads Have It All? Or are child-rearing norms making both parents unhappy?

"Watching your kids all day makes parenting harder, which makes people have fewer kids, which means fewer siblings and neighbors to play with, which makes kids more dependent on parents for amusement, which makes parenting harder, and so on …" - Ross Douthat

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