What Does It Mean to Stand with Israel? (Part 1)

My previous column challenged Bible-believing Christians—and all Americans—to stand with the people, nation and land of Israel during these times of unprecedented hatred aimed at Jewish people around the world.

During the past week, the animosity and hostility spouted against the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have grown to a level that we might have considered unfathomable, making such pleas all the more necessary. This story is not going away anytime soon. The acrimony is spreading like wildfire.


A Review of A Short History of Christian Zionism by Donald M. Lewis


“Lewis lacks sympathy for his subjects, but perhaps more to the point he applies a sociological lens instead of a theological one….he fails to understand the Christians who support a Jewish homeland because he fails to understand them theologically.” - DBTS


The Source of America’s Love for Israel

In a previous blog post, I surveyed the highlights of statements made by presidents of the United States regarding America’s efforts to be a blessing to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

Our nation has a rich legacy of support for Israel, for which we should be very thankful. Many have conjectured that this may ultimately be the reason that God has blessed the United States so abundantly over the course of so many years.