White Supremacy

Jesus Was Not a Long-Haired White Man

"What’s more is that Jesus probably didn’t wear bright colors or a brilliantly white robe. Bright colors were expensive to make, and bleached white clothing was a mark of politicians. Common people usually wore earth tones, reflective of the natural color of the sheep’s wool used to create the garments." - Kainos Project

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Planned Parenthood condemns founder's tie to white supremacy

"Pro-life activists have responded after Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson denounced the organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger, and accused the head of the abortion giant of attempting to undertake a 'fake reckoning' regarding Sanger's ties to the eugenics movement." - C.Post

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Two reasons white supremacy is sinful

"I have read several white supremacists who deny that they are racist. They say that they are just trying to maintain a certain culture and history. This fails to understand that ethnicities have history and ethnicity, races do not. Calling it a 'white' culture and history, then placing that culture in opposition to other races, has the effect of undermining our unity in Adam." - Jesse Johnson

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There Are Two Kinds of White Supremacists

Christianity vs. White Supremacy