Video Streaming

“The desire to return to in-person worship services was a pent-up demand far greater than we thought”

"While we certainly anticipated that many church members would return to in-person worship attendance after the quarantine, we were not prepared for the magnitude of decline in digital services. And this decline took place regardless of the platform: Facebook, YouTube, and others." - Rainer

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LiveStream Review: Faithlife Proclaim 3.0 Software

"It is a very team-focused software that makes preparing for worship seamless, thanks to real-time updates and editors. You also get access to more than 5,000 free church graphics, 25 bible versions, and integration with other software programs, including Planning Center, Logos Bible Software, and Graceway Media, to name a few." - C.Leaders

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How to Preach When Your Congregation is Online and In-Person

"Having written already about preaching to a camera alone at the beginning of quarantine, I hope to share some of what my team has learned now in this present awkwardness as we film a sermon during the week for online viewers and then preach the same sermon to those who reserve spots in our limited outdoor services." - F&T

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