State Anti-Abortion Laws

Kansas abortion amendment’s defeat prompts disappointment, resolve

"Kansans defeated the Value Them Both Amendment by 59-41 percent Tuesday (Aug. 2) in the nation’s first statewide vote on abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Roe v. Wade ruling." - BPNews

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DOJ sues Idaho over ‘near-total' abortion ban, files first lawsuit since Roe v. Wade reversal

"The Justice Department contends that the Idaho law conflicts with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act of 1986. The law focuses on 'public access to emergency services regardless of ability to pay.'" - CPost

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Political Malpractice: Efforts to Mislead Physicians about State Abortion Laws

"While physicians may have legitimate questions about the new state abortion laws, the organized campaign to attack them as banning sound medical judgment is a disservice to physicians and patients alike." - Public Discourse

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